Senior Living Today 2022

Today the age that we are is just a number. This is a phrase many people are now using to describe the new generation of seniors-retired-aging people. After spending 40, 50, 60 or 70 years raising a family, maintaining a home and working to put food on the table the time has come to begin a new journey down a path of adventure, challenges, family and life. The goal of this website is to provide the information that should make your journey easier.

Aging in Place

It is not easy to switch gears and spend time the way you always
dreamed. Just because the body is older and you have a few more
aches and pains does not mean that life cannot be enjoyable.

Seniors and Technology

Modern technology is changing and you can enjoy the benefits of
what it offers. Get a cell phone that is made for seniors that has
large number pads and easy to read text. Take the cell phone with
you where ever you go.

Learn how to turn on the computer and send emails or video chats
with the grandchildren and children. Write your memoirs on the
computer and scan or upload pictures to tell your story.

Research the genealogy sites and create an online family tree. Share your family history with your family. Too often this knowledge is lost because no one took the time to write it down.

Senior Safety

Wear a special medical necklace that will summon help at the push
of a button or a USB medical alert bracelet that makes your
medical history accessible for emergency workers. Find a senior friendly cell phone that has special features for emergency response.

Celebrate Your Birthdays

Celebrate life with special Birthday or Anniversary Greeting from the President. Plan to enjoy your 100th birthday party.