I am a senior, and I have 50 years of experience working with seniors. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about aging and what it means to grow old. It’s something we all face eventually, but you don’t need to be afraid or unprepared.

For many years I was a caregiver. I helped people who could not take care of themselves because of a reason, like illness or old age.

I have had many happy memories. I want to share some of the things I learned while caring for seniors.

I know that when it comes to senior living, we all have different needs and preferences. That’s why I developed this site as a resource for people who are researching things they want or need in their lives or the best way to do something.

Senior Living Discounts also has ideas for celebrating birthdays, holidays, or just having more fun.

Gifts for senior citizens should be helpful and thought-provoking. The ideas we provide are designed to help you find the perfect gift or service that will please any senior citizen in your life.

“Seniors are people, too.” Linda Ronstadt

That’s what I’ve always believed. And that’s why I created this site to offer ideas and resources for seniors, caregivers, or anyone who wants to help make their lives better.

This website is my way of thanking all the outstanding seniors in my life – they have guided me through the years.

I hope you will find the information we have provided helpful on your journey with a senior loved one.

Video: Seniors citizens are fun and enjoy moments of music, dance, and being with family.

They’re such great people to be around!