Elderly Playing Cards

25 Great Elderly Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Goodie Bags for Senior Citizens

100 Goodie Bag Ideas for Senior Citizens

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Best Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

Best Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

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The Best Makeup for Senior Women

The Best Makeup for Senior Women

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

12 Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

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Senior Citizen Birthday Party Ideas

Senior Citizen Birthday Party Ideas

My mother’s 80th birthday party was the best birthday she had had. She grew up on a farm where the parties tended to be small get together with the family. As a wife and mother, … Continue

Best Car Emergency Kit

Best Car Emergency Kit Checklist

The BEST CAR EMERGENCY KIT is the one that you have in your car when you need it. What items do you have in your car right now, if an emergency arises?