100 Goodie Bag Ideas for Senior Citizens

It’s the holiday season and everyone is looking for gifts for their loved ones. Seniors can be hard to buy for, but we have just the thing! Here are 100 goodie bag ideas for senior citizens.

What do you put in an elderly goodie bag?

  1. Hand Warmers
  2. Coupon books containing discounts
  3. Calendars
  4. Travel-size container of laundry detergent and softener sheets to use with a washer and dryer
  5. Coupons good for free coffee from a local coffee shop
  6. Swiss army knife
  7. Multi tool
  8. Tote bag\Coffee mugs
  9. Reusable water bottles
  10. Journal
  11. Puzzles
  12. Portable phone charger
  13. Nonperishable
  14. Seasonal candy (e.g., Easter, Halloween, Christmas; good to include both wrapped and unwrapped candies since seniors may like to share these good goodie bag ideas with their neighbor s as well!)
  15. Lotions/moisturizers
  16. Chapstick
  17. A small mirror with comb or lipstick
  18. Deodorant stick
  19. Mints or candy to take home
  20. Breath spray
  21.  Hand sanitizer
  22. Reading glasses
  23. Slippers
  24. Socks
  25. Facial tissues
  26. Stain remover pen
  27. Shower cap
  28. Coupons good at local businesses
  29. Coupon good for one free car wash
  30. Playing cards
  31. A good large print book
  32. Sewing kit
  33. Flashlight
  34. Lint roller
  35. Folding umbrella
  36. Nonperishable snacks like nuts, crackers, beef jerky
  37. Canned fruit
  38. Tissues
  39. Bandages
  40. Antibacterial wipes
  41. Hand lotion
  42. Gloves
  43. Bottled water
  44. Canned soup
  45. Granola bar
  46. Non-scented deodorant
  47. Bodywash/shampoo
  48. Lottery tickets
  49. Coupon good for discount on a hair cut
  50. Nail clippers
  51. Stickers
  52. Candy
  53. Board game
  54. Pumpkin bread
  55. Family photo
  56. Bottle of wine or champagne
  57. Coupon good on gas
  58. Hot chocolate
  59. Coloring book
  60. Tape
  61. Capri Sun drink
  62. Hand sanitizer
  63. Chapstick
  64. Coffee or tea
  65. Recyclable grocery bags
  66. Notebook and pen
  67. Gum
  68. Wine bottle opener
  69. Candy bar
  70. Playing cards
  71. Movie theater gift card
  72. Coupon good for a free coffee/tea from a local coffee shop
  73. Bookmark
  74. Small notebook and pen (with case)
  75. Hand lotion/foot cream
  76. Lotion soap bar (in container)
  77. Bath poof/puff ball/loofah sponge
  78. Toilet paper
  79. Seasonal good goodie bag ideas: Easter, Halloween, Christmas candies and wrapped, nonperishable snacks good goodie bag ideas: nuts, crackers, beef jerky
  80. Flashlight
  81. Coloring book/crayons/markers/colored pencils
  82. Sharpie marker
  83. Toiletries good goodie bag ideas: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, facial tissues, toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, mouthwash
  84. Calendar
  85. Notebook and pen good goodie bag ideas: small notebook with case
  86. Large print puzzles
  87. Stationery and stamps
  88. Jars of canned fruit such as peaches, pears
  89. Small tool kit
  90. Bulletin board
  91. Large display clock
  92. Walker-Rollator totes
  93. Box of greeting cards and stamps
  94. Chocolate candy bars
  95. Photo frames
  96. Holiday ornament
  97. Large print magazine
  98. Money
  99. Coffee mug
  100. Tote bag

What Containers can be Used for Gift Bags?

  • Clear plastic bags – these are great for giving small items like jewelry, makeup, or other small gifts
  • Paper gift bags – these are perfect for larger gifts that can’t fit in a plastic bag
  • Gift baskets – if you want to give someone a collection of different items, this is the best option
  • Envelopes with bows on them – they’re simple and easy to make
  • Tissue paper wrapped boxes with ribbons around them- these work well for homemade chocolates or baked goods
  • What about just putting your gift into an old shoe box or wrapping it up in newspaper and stringing some ribbon through it! It’s creative and fun
  • Paper grocery sack (the more unique the better – you don’t want the good goodie bag ideas to look like everyone else’s!)
  • Tin pail
  • Personalized canvas bag
  • Fabric gift bag
  • Purse
  • Backpack
  • Rollator Walker Bag

More Creative Ideas to Fill Your Goodie Bags for Senior Citizens

  • Make a personalized gift bag for seniors by using their favorite colors, photos, and personal items
  • Fill the bag with “senior-friendly” gifts that are not too flashy or noisy – things like lip balm, hand cream, lotion, socks
  • Include some snacks in the bag to keep them energized throughout the day
  • Put together a small survival kit with emergency numbers and important documents stored in an envelope labeled “in case of emergency” 
  • Create a photo album filled with pictures from their past year or two to help them remember what they have accomplished over time 
  • Add something sentimental – such as an old family recipe card or meaningful piece of jewelry passed down through generations to show your love for them


This can be an inexpensive goodie bag idea for senior citizens. The lotions or fragrances do not need to be expensive brands; however, it should be long lasting.

Socks and Slipper Socks

Socks are a good goodie bag idea for senior citizens. Be sure to include good brands, such as ACE or Gold Toe. Slipper Socks with grips helps to prevent falls.


This good goodie bag idea for seniors is also inexpensive and easy to put together. There are many different types of bookmarks, including ones with inspirational quotes! Handmade bookmarks add a special touch.


Toiletries are good goodie bag ideas for senior citizens. Include a good shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, etc. It is useful to have a good toothbrush and tooth paste so seniors can maintain their oral hygiene.

Gift Cards

  • Grocery store gift cards for food
  • Amazon gift cards for online purchases
  • Gas gift cards for travel
  • Home Depot gift cards to fix home appliances
  • Walmart gift cards for other household essentials that seniors might need
  • Target gift cards to buy clothes and other items


Notebooks or paper are ideal gift bag options for senior citizens.. It’s good to include different colors and sizes of notebooks and paper. Include a few pens and they are set to write up a storm.


Coupons are great and welcomed. Include discounts on haircuts, food from local restaurants, or other activities.


Snacks and chocolate make special treats for seniors. Keep and dietary restrictions in mind when selecting treats, such as low sodium or sugar free. This is because seniors are prone to health issues, such as diabetes or small appetite. Some good snacks include fruit snacks, cereal bars, etc.  


Scarves and gloves are good goodie bag ideas for senior citizens because it gets cold in the winter time. A scarf or gloves would be useful especially if they live alone or do not have transportation

There are a number of different types of bags that would be appropriate for seniors. Choose one from this list, and you’ll have the perfect bag to fill with goodies! You can create your shopping list now so you don’t forget anything on your next trip to the store.

Video: Sharing Gift Bags with Seniors

It’s not always easy to know what the best gifts for seniors are, but these ideas should help you with your shopping list. If there is one thing that seniors want it’s more time and money! So if they’re on a fixed income or just don’t have much disposable cash, then give them something practical like groceries, household items, gift cards to their favorite store (i.e., Starbucks), or pre-paid phone minutes so they can call family members without worrying about running up their bill. We hope this gave you some inspiration when looking for the perfect present for grandma who needs nothing more than her grandkids’ love.

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