Care Package Ideas for the Elderly – Good Deeds and Love

The elderly send us so many things in their lives; it is time we return the favor. However, while some of you may be thinking, “how can I possibly do enough for them?” the answer may surprise you. So, we put together a list of good deeds and care package ideas for the elderly.

The truth is that even if you are on a budget or a tight schedule, there are still loads of good deeds you can do.

Good Deeds for Loved One
Good Deeds for Loved One

Here is a list of good deeds that won’t break the bank.

1. Visit Seniors

Sometimes, they want accurate human contact, so give them the gift of time during the holidays by visiting them in person and spending some quality time together. Visits are one of the most meaningful gifts to those living in an assisted living facility.

2. Read to Them

Despite their advancing age, many elderly still have a love for reading. Find stories or articles that relate to them and read them the stories. It makes all the difference.

3. Take a Tour

Maybe the elderly in your life would like to see where you work; maybe they would enjoy going to an art gallery or even just around the block. But, no matter what they wish to see, take them on a trip and make it their tour.

4. Send Them Flowers

While we all know that flowers die quickly, sometimes all they need is a little bit of happiness to brighten up their day.

5. Call Them

The elderly who live alone or away from family does not have human contact. So give them a call, and wish them a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year!

Seniors Cooking with Loved One
Cooking with Your Loved Ones

6. Cook a Meal

Cooking a meal is an easy way to show your love for the elderly in your life because you can do it quickly and altogether if you like. Food is an excellent care package. Be sure to include some homemade snacks. Before cooking a meal, check if they have any dietary restrictions.

7. Donate Your Time

While this does not come with a cost, it is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. Volunteering your time and skills to help others is priceless. In addition, senior loved ones enjoy spending time with others.

8. Send a Postcard

As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words.” So whether it’s pictures of your kids or pets, send them something they can look at down the line and smile.

9. Reminisce

Perhaps they can share old times with you, or maybe they would like to hear about where you grew up. Either way, listening to their stories is a meaningful gift great way of caring for them.

10. Clean Their Home

While this may be a bit overwhelming, remember that they will thank you for everything they have! If cleaning is not your thing, maybe offer to mow the lawn or wash their car.

11. Listen to Their Problems

Sometimes all they need is someone to listen, and while you may not be able to solve their problems, at least you can provide some comfort by listening.

Listen to Your Loved One
Listen to Your Loved One

12. Listening Tour

Head out on a listening tour and visit the elderly who do not have family or children looking after them. While things like cash and presents are nice, sometimes all needed is a listening ear.

13. Clean Their Pets’ Litter Box

While this may not be the best present, if they have a pet, it’s a kind gesture to ensure their litter box is clean, especially if they are no longer able to do so themselves- and who would want to smell that anyway?

14. Send Homemade Cookies

While cooking isn’t your strong suit, the thought counts. After all, who does not like a care package full of cookies? That personal touch makes them feel pampered, which is the most meaningful gift.

 Homemade Cookies in Your Care Package for Seniors
Include Homemade Cookies in Your Care Package for Seniors

15. Take a Walk

For those elderly with family or at least pets, why not join them for a walk and enjoy some fresh air together?

16. Make a Phone Call

Sometimes, they need a call, and their children or grandchildren may be too busy to do so.

17. Leave Post It Notes

Leave funny post-it notes around the house that lift their spirits when they find them to add a little fun. It’s also an excellent way to ensure you don’t miss anything when you clean.

18. Gather Their Loved Ones Together

Whether it’s a burial plot, an old photo album, or just some tea, gather the loved ones of the elderly around them to show that they are not alone in this world.

19. Go for a Ride

Everyone likes driving, so take them out on a drive and enjoy the scenery together. This is especially true for those living in assisted living facilities.

20. Chocolate Care Package

Even if they are on a diet, let them cheat with some delicious chocolate every once in a while. You can’t go wrong with chocolate after all in this care package.

21. Go Window Shopping

Spend some quality time with them by window shopping and taking in the different sights.

22. Hold Their Hand

Sometimes, they need human contact, so why not give them a big bear hug or hold their hand during your next outing?

Cook a Meal for Your Loved One
Cook a Meal for Your Loved One

23. Make a Meal

Bring the family together to make a meal and learn more about the elderly’s life! It’s a fun way of learning while getting everyone involved.

24. Read Their Old Love Letters

Read their love letters from years gone by for an adorable date night activity if they have them!

When it comes to caring packages for the elderly, the sky is the limit. However, sometimes it can be hard to know what to include.

Creating a Flower Bouquet
Assisted Living Residents Love Flowers

Every person in a nursing home will appreciate receiving gifts that make them feel good about themselves. It doesn’t matter who you are sending a care package to; it’s always nice to remind someone they are essential to your life.

The following article discusses valuable items you can put in your senior citizen care packages.

Practical Items For Senior Citizen Care Packages

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when putting together a care package with goodies is that seniors need practical items as much as they need sentimental ones.

A practical gift would be something that doesn’t take up too much space and is beneficial for their hobbies or everyday activities.

Game gift for seniors
Games Make a Great Gift for Seniors in Assisted Living

The most valuable things are books, magazines, art supplies, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles. Games that they can play with other residents or family members are also suitable for practical items.

Practical gift ideas for seniors include:

  • Scrabble tiles
  • Crossword puzzle book
  • Watercolor set for painting
  • Bathrobe
  • Non-slip socks
  • Body Lotion
  • Framed Photograph
  • Word Searches
  • Colored Pencils
  • Adult Coloring Books
  • Personal Care Items
  • Sudoku Books
  • Basket of Snacks and Treats
  • Warm Blanket
  • Body Wash

Stress Relieving Gift Care Packages for Elderly

Another essential thing to remember when sending a care package is to include items that will help your loved ones relieve the stress they experience in their daily life.

Many seniors have jobs or volunteer responsibilities, so it can be nice to let them take a break and relax with the items included in the care package.

Hugs for Elderly Loved
Hugs for Elderly Loved

Stress relief is essential for seniors, as it can lead to feelings of isolation and depression if left unaddressed. Seniors tend to live stressful lives without keeping up with social events or family obligations.

In addition, many experience feelings of loss and grief due to the passing of loved ones or close friends.

When sending a care package, consider including items to help your family member relax. These would include:

  • Bath bombs
  • Lavender scented soap
  • Poetry books
  • Coffee mug with an inspirational saying
Care Package for Your Loved One
Care Package for Your Loved One

What Makes A Great Senior Care Package?

Last but certainly not least is what makes a great care package for seniors. There are many ideas, and it comes down to your loved one’s personal preference.

Some elderly enjoy receiving practical items that help them around their home or remember their hobbies, while others would rather receive sentimental gifts like mugs with inspirational quotes.

It’s also important to remember that the best way to send a care package is with quality items included, but this doesn’t mean spending lots of money on gifts that will be quickly thrown out or forgotten.


Everyone needs help from time to time, even the elderly. So if you are looking for ways to help them out, see if they need any of these care packages.No matter how big or small, your actions can make a difference in their life.

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