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Useful Gifts for Elderly Women

Women of all ages love to receive gifts. They are a great way to celebrate birthdays, special occasions or to just to say Thank You. Finding something that is meaningful that will make a lasting impression can be a challenge. I like to give gifts that are useful and can be enjoyed every day. Below is a list of useful gifts for elderly women.

You’ve Got Mail

One of the things that most elderly people look forward to is the daily mail delivery. In the middle of winter a surprise in the mail can warm the day. These gifts will be delivered monthly throughout the year such as a magazine subscription or gift of the month.

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Personalized letters or cards sent monthly will always be cherished. This an easy gift for you to give, purchase 12 fun greeting cards and address them all at once and sign them with a simple note. Place them in a spot where you keep your monthly bills and send them out at the same time that you pay your bills.

Poor eyesight can make reading difficult for the elderly. Offer to read the magazines or books out loud when you visit. Use large print when writing your cards.


 Homemade Gift Basket

A simple basket filled with items that are used daily such as hand soap, shampoo, hand cream, coffee or tea would make a great gift for someone who can longer get out and shop. These items may seem simple, but they are things that are needed and will be appreciated.  Often elderly women are on a fixed income so these little things will hel

A Little Rock ‘n Roll

Music is the sweet voice of the past that brings back favourite memories and moments in time. Listening to a CD that was created with music from their era will be sure to get their toe tapping and bring a smile to their face. Someone who is between sixty – ninety grew up when rock ‘n roll was just starting out. Nothing like a little Chubby Checker to make you want to “Twist ‘n Shout”. Even though are bodies grow old and we don’t have all the moves our ears can still hear the sound of music and our mind can produce memories of some awesome times.

Start a conversation with your gift recipient as to what type of music they like and then find a resource to bring it to them 57sbtm1. This can be in a form of CD – iPod – Cassette Tape – Pandora. Choose a median that is easy to use or programmable. A CD alarm clock can easily be programmed to turn on and off to fill the room with music in the morning or after lunch. Keep the device simple and easy to use. A simple on – off button would work the best.

 A Thousand Word Essay

Nothing speaks volumes as much as a photo. Women love thinking about their families and children. Create a photo album to display favourite memories of their life.  Select an album that is easy to hold. Add captions under each photo naming the person or place. This helps to keep memories alive.

Wall hanging photo collages make great conversation pieces. Hang in their living area to create a great conversation piece for guests. Remember to add names and places to each photo.

 Keeping Warm and Comfy

Many elderly women find that they tend to feel colder as they get older. So a perfect gift would be a warm sweater. Choose a sweater that has large buttons and pockets. The large buttons make it easier for fragile hands to work with and pockets are always great to carry a tissue. Select a color or print that would camoflage any accidental coffee spills or stains. Choose a fabric that can easily be washed.

Lap blankets provide the perfect solution to keeping warm while watching TV or just taking a nap during the day. Choose something that is small and light weight that can easily be kept on the back of a chair or sofa. A lap blanket can also add a nice splash of color to the room.

 Gift Certificates to the Beauty Shop

Women of all ages enjoy having their hair look its best. This means frequent visits for haircuts, etc. Give a gift certificate to their favourite beauty shop and also schedule an appointment for them. If they live in a senior community often there is a beauty shop on site that will offer certificates.

 Day Tripping

Time spent with a loved one is always the most valuable gift that one can give. Plan a day trip to visit their hometown or favourite places. The outing can be simple, such as a drive to see the autumn colors or the Christmas Lights of area homes. Overnight trips can be hard for an elderly woman so it is better to plan a few short day drips throughout the year. Don’t overlook inviting them to spend the day at your house. Watching the grandchildren or just sitting in a different environment will make them happy. The main reason for this type of gift is to share some time together.

Help at the Push of a Button

These are one of the most practical gifts that you can give. Create a safe, secure environment for your loved one. An emergency medical alert device can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or a feature of their cell phone. Imagine falling and not being able to get up. Sometimes this will happen and a person has to lay on a cold floor until someone notices that they are missing. This is one gift that can save a person’s life and keep them safe.


 Gift Certificates for Household Chores

 Make your own gift certificates that can be exchanged for chores that need to be done. Spring cleaning is something that elderly women have a hard time to do on their own. Flipping a mattress or vacuuming under a bed takes more strength than they have. Cleaning out cupboards, the refrigerator, standing on ladders and even changing light bulbs are challenges. You can do the work yourself or hire a cleaning service to come in to do these maintenance chores that need to be done.

 Delicious Food to Eat

People who live alone often overlook good nutrition. They don’t cook good quality meals for one. To provide better nutrition, donate to Meals on Wheels and have a daily meal delivered to their home. Not only will a meal be delivered someone will be stopping by daily to say hello.

An alternative to Meals on Wheels is to share your home cooking. When cooking food for your family, prepare extra servings that can be frozen and given as a gift. Once this becomes a habit it is easy to share a home cooked meal with your friends and family.

Give gift certificates to restaurants that deliver to your local area. Include a menu from the restaurant to make it easy to pick up the phone and have a meal delivered. Another choice is to make the call yourself to have a meal delivered that you can pay with a credit card. Just prearrange with the person receiving the meal that they will be home.

 Taxi Service for Seniors

Research your local community for transportation options for the elderly. Often communities have a senior taxi that offers rides to grocery stores, events or doctor’s appointments. Check if you can purchase gift certificates for these rides. Most medical clinics and doctor’s office provide some type of transportation. Call their doctor’s office to find out what is available.

Offer your own services for weekly transportation to the grocery store or doctor’s visit. Help with the weekly shopping is a very valuable gift for an elderly woman. You can do your own shopping while they are doing theirs.

 Sharing Your Love

useful_gifts_for_elderly_women There are many useful gifts that you can give elderly women. They need things that help with their daily life and things that make them smile. The gift of time is always welcomed but not everyone has the ability to give. When children live far away or have demanding careers they need to rely on services to offer errands. There are many companies that are established to help meet the needs of the elderly. They provide shopping, cleaning and other services. Carefully check references before hiring a service.

Elderly women still love to use the phone the old fashioned way by receiving a phone call. They usually don’t text or have email. Pick up the phone and give a call.  A simple phone call on a regular basis is an excellent way to keep in touch.

A special THANK YOU from me to you for thinking about giving a gift to someone who is elderly. It isn’t easy growing old. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and it is something that I hope becomes viral.

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