Choosing a Med Alert Device for Seniors

Medical emergency alert systems provide a safety net for seniors, the elderly and people who may need medical assistance at a moment’s notice. Thousands of accidents happen in the home every year. One out of three elderly seniors fall in their home. Imagine lying on the floor for hours or days waiting for someone to find you. Small accidents can become major health issues if help is not called right away. Everyone who lives alone should consider setting up an emergency response system.

A med alert device will bring help at the push of a button.  There are many choices on the market today that will eliminate your worry and allow you to stay in your home. Give your children the peace of mind knowing that they will be contacted immediately if you need help. Home medical alert devices can save your life.
These devices work by wearing a pendant or a bracelet that has a button to push to summon help. There are many styles to choose to wear such as a pendant, bracelet or a stylish watch. Pendants may be the best choice because bracelets can become unusable if a person has a stroke where one side of their body becomes paralyzed. The watch looks like an ordinary watch and nobody will ever know that you are wearing a lifeline.

The cost for medical emergency systems starts at $1 a day. There are additional features that can be added to this service such as medication reminders or a daily check in call.

How to Use Home Medical Alert Devices

Always wear your alert device. If you fall or need help push the button and help will be on it’s way. Next, communicate with the person who responds what the problem is. If you cannot speak the operator will seek out help for you.Your emergency contact person will be notified and help will be on its way. The emergency alert company will follow up with a call to be sure that help has arrived.

Order Extra Pendants

Order an extra Pendant for a backup. You may lose your pendant or the batteries may go dead so it is wise to have a spare backup. Keep the spare pendant in the area where you are most likely to have a fall such as a bathroom. This will give you easy access to your pendant in case of emergency. You can place several pendants throughout the house if you do not want to wear one. Place the pendant on the floors in areas throughout the house that you could crawl to. Another good place to have a spare pendant is on a nightstand. Keep fresh batteries on hand to replace as needed.

Peace of Mind

Saying the words “Help I Have Fallen and I Cannot Get Up”without anyone hearing them can be life threatening to someone who lives alone. How would you feel knowing that your loved one was hurt and nobody was around to help them? Many senior citizens are afraid to try medical alarm devices on their own, but once they own one they will never want to be without it. Decide to keep your loved ones safe. Give a med alert device as a gift. The peace of mind and security it brings is un-measurable.