How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to break out the crafting supplies and get creative. If you’re looking for a fun and festive DIY project, why not make a traditional Polish star Christmas ornament? This classic ornament is made from paper strips, making it a perfect craft for beginners. Read on for an easy step-by-step guide to creating your Polish star ornament. 

A Polish Star Ornament is a traditional Polish craft decoration that you can easily make to adorn your Christmas Tree or add sparkle to your presents any time of the year. Sometimes they are called Polish Porcupines.

These traditional polish Christmas decorations are pretty unusual. However, this beautiful art originated in Poland and is vital for many Christmas traditions.

The polish star appears in Nativity scenes and may be hung on Christmas trees or around the home. While the star may seem like a complicated craft, it is pretty simple, and the project takes a few steps.

The Polish Stars make lovely presents for birthdays and Christmas. Each star is created from wrapping or craft paper, making each unique to hang on a Christmas tree. This old-fashioned craft is both entertaining and easy to master. However, a polish Christmas may take you a little longer than an hour to complete if you don’t have much experience with it.

Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Polish Star Christmas Ornament Required Materials:

  • Wrapping Paper – Variety of Colors
  • Craft Paper
  • 2 Sequins or Small Buttons
  • Strong Thread or Dental Floss
  • Clear Glue Stick
  • Sharpened Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Compass or a DVD for a Template
  • One Nickel
  • Optional: Hair Spray and Glitter

Step 1:

Begin by cutting twelve 4″ diameter circles of wrapping paper or craft paper.

Make your template out of cardboard by drawing a 4″ circle with a compass, or you might use a CD for a pattern.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Step 2:

Using nickel as a template, draw a small circle in the center of your 4″ circle.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Step 3:

Divide the circle into eight equal segments. Divide the circle pattern into eights by folding it in half, then fold it again in half and again in half.

Crease your edges to use as a guide for cutting your slits.

Cut a slit from the outer edge of the 4″ circle to the outer edge of your nickel size circle.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Blue Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Step 4:

Roll each segment around a sharpened pencil to form a conical spike. The points should be closed and appear to be sharp.

Next, fasten with clear glue; a glue pen works best. After the glue has set in a few seconds, remove your pencil.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Step 5:

Thread a needle with a strong thread about 18″ long. Double the cord and tie a knot at the end.

Add a sequin to the knot on your thread.

Run the needle through the center of each 12 discs and then slip the second sequin over the needle to secure the top.

Stack and compress the 12 discs and cut the thread about 6″ above the discs.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament
How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Step 6:

Next, tie a single shoelace knot, pull tightly to compress discs, and tie another knot to hold discs squeezed firmly.

Tie a knot at the top of the two threads to form a loop.

Substitute a small button for the sequin if you do not have any sequins.

How to Make a Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Optional Decorations for Your Polish Star Christmas Ornament

Decorate your finished Polish Star Ornament with glitter by spraying it with hair spray and then sprinkling on some glitter. When using thicker paper, make your star with ten discs. Then, use a few discs made of shiny foil paper to add sparkle to your Polish Stars.

These handcrafted Polish Stars are a one-of-a-kind custom that may be handed down through future generations from scratch in the Polish home. A tree brimming with handmade Christmas stars will be unforgettable.

Video: Polish Star Christmas Ornament Tutorial


There you have it—an easy guide to making beautiful Polish star Christmas ornaments. These festive decorations are perfect for adding holiday cheer to any room in your home or office. Plus, since they’re made from paper, they’re lightweight enough to hang anywhere without worrying about walls or furniture damage. So what are you waiting for? Gather those crafting supplies and start making these charming little stars today.


What materials do you need to make a Polish star ornament?

To make a Polish star Christmas ornament, you will need wrapping paper or craft paper, scissors, a pencil or pen, and some glue. In addition, you can use glitter or colorful paint to add a finishing touch to your ornament.

What is the best type of paper for a Polish star ornament?

While any paper will work for a Polish star ornament, it’s best to use lightweight paper so that your ornament doesn’t become too heavy. Wrapping paper or craft paper is perfect for this project.

How do I make a Polish star Christmas ornament?

To make a Polish star Christmas ornament, you will need to cut strips of paper in the shape of a five-pointed star. Once you have cut out your stars, you must glue them together to form the ornament. You can use a traditional gluing method or double-sided tape for an easy and mess-free process. Finally, add some glitter or colorful paint to give your ornament an extra festive flair.

 Polish Star Christmas Ornaments