Senior Phone Plans

Senior citizens can stay in touch with the simple use of senior-friendly cell phones. These phones are easy to use with features such as large screens for reading, easy-to-read numbers, lifeline support, and hearing aid compatibility. Most seniors are not interested in surfing the web on a cell phone or text messaging their friends so a simple basic phone is all they need. The prices are generally lower for the phone and you can find a number of affordable monthly phone plans for seniors.

Mobile Phone Plans for Seniors

Add up the number of minutes that you normally use in a month. Select a plan that matches your phone usage. Don’t pay for features that you never use such as unlimited minutes or Internet access. Senior cell phone plans start at about $7 a month. The cost of the phones starts at about $20. Some phones are free when you sign up for a service.

Most cell phones are able to dial 911 even if they are not connected to a service plan.

Prepaid Phone Plans

A prepaid plan offers a set amount of minutes for a set period of time. Such as 60 minutes of phone calls for 90 days. The unused minutes can be saved and rolled over to the next month if you purchase more minutes before your current ones expire. Prepaid phone plans do not have any type of contract associated with them and they include all fees and taxes.

If you are looking for a cell phone just to use for emergency calls choose a prepaid cell plan. It will cover everything you need in an emergency.

How to Choose a Cell Phone for Seniors

If you are hard of hearing look for a cell phone that has hearing aid compatibility or louder rings.

Select a phone that has an easy-to-read screen and large numbers on the keypad.

Look for a phone that has Lifeline or a 911 Speed dial key.

Connecting a charger to a cell phone can be hard for someone with arthritis. Choose a charger that the phone can nest in.

A few other features to look for are reminder alarms and medical information storage.

The Top Three Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

  • Jitterbug by GreatCall
  • Doro PhoneEasy by Consumer Cellular
  • Senior Value Cell Phone by Tracfone