Decorating an Assisted Living Apartment

There are a few simple rules to follow when decorating an assisted living apartment.  One rule is that less is more.  Usually an assisted living apartment will be small with two rooms and seniors will have to downsize to move into them.   Many seniors hesitate moving because they have accumulated a lot of clutter in their homes over their lifespan.  Choose to only move those items that are used daily and your most cherished possessions to your assisted living apartment.  It is time to lighten your load and move into a stress free environment.  Plan to create a safe, relaxing and comfortable assisted living apartment.

Set up a Bedroom

The bedroom should have a comfortable bed that is not too big that is easy to get in and out of.  Place a nightstand next to the bed.  On the nightstand place a lamp, a LCD clock with large numbers and a phone.  The nightstand should have some drawers that can hold some books, magazines, paper and other items.  Keep your bedding simple and stylish.  Make it easy to make the bed daily.  A large comforter on the bed is a good choice with a few pillows added for comfort.  In the bedroom there should be a dresser or chest of drawers to store your extra clothing and linens. Keep the height of the dressers reachable from a sitting position.

Arrange the Living Room

The living room will be a place to spend your days and to greet your guests.  Start with a chair for yourself.  Lift chairs are good choices because they are both very comfortable and make it easy to get in and out of the chair.  You may be spending many hours in this chair so choose one that is both comfortable and practical.  Place an end table next to your chair.  This end table should have some shelves or drawers to place paper, books, pencils etc.  Place a telephone, paper, pencil, lamp, kleenx and things that you will use throughout the day in arms reach of your chair.
The sofa should be small enough to fit into the living room space.  If you plan on having guests staying over night choose a sofa hide a bed.   If room permits add a small table with a couple of chairs.

Decorate with Accessories

Pictures of family and favorite mementos are the best things to decorate the walls.  Place a calendar in a convenient location   Choose a clock that has large numbers and the date.  Atomic clocks are a good choice because they will automatically adjust to daylight savings time.
Place a silk tree in a corner.  Avoid area rugs on the floor because they can cause falls.

Keep the Furnishings Simple

A small writing desk with drawers will easily store papers, greeting cards, pens, and supplies.  If there is room a bookshelf that is not too high will add storage for treasures and pictures.  Keep the space clear of clutter.  Leave plenty room for walking around your apartment and remove any objects that might make you to trip and fall.


Create a safe and warm assisted living apartment.