Seniors Cooking for One

Learn to enjoy cooking for one by preparing healthy foods and having a plan that provides variety and nutrition throughout the week. There is no need to eat the same thing all week long or to have to stop at fast food restaurants or eat a TV dinner everyday.  Plan to have a stocked pantry and a freezer full of delicious ready to eat foods that you have prepared.  Most foods freeze well so go ahead and make that pan of lasagna and freeze it in small portions to be eaten over several weeks or months.  Follow the plan below and enjoy cooking for one.

Plan to Cook Meals in Advance

Create a binder in which you can keep your menu ideas, recipes and grocery lists.  By planning your meals you will know exactly what you will be cooking and when.  Plan to cook elaborate meals on your days off and freeze the leftovers.  Use part of the evening meal as your lunch the next day.  By planning your menu’s for a month at a time you will save time and money.   Every good meal starts with a plan.

Learn to Shop for One

Shopping for one can be a challenge when many foods are packaged in large containers.  Plan some time after shopping to repackage the foods and freeze them in smaller portions.  A pound of hamburger can be made into several hamburger patties and the left over meat browned and packaged to use in different dishes.  Fresh fruit and vegetables can often be purchased in single servings.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are an excellent choice because you can easily adjust the serving size.

Use Your Freezer

Make your freezer your secret ingredient.  Plan to prepare more than just one serving meals and freeze the leftovers.  Cooking everyday can become time consuming if you plan to make something from scratch every day.  A freezer filled with homemade frozen dinners will make it an easy job of preparing food everyday.  Invest in a supply of containers to repackage and freeze your leftovers.

Use Leftovers in New Ways

Leftovers can be used to create new dishes.  Leftover vegetables can be added to soups and meat can be sliced and made into a sandwich or added to a salad.  Go for variety in your foods.

Enjoy Cooking for One

Plan your meals to make cooking easy, nutritious, and time saving.  Create a beautiful table setting with your good china and a centerpiece.  Enjoy each bite of your home cooked meal while listening to your favorite music.  After dinner quickly clean up the kitchen and check your menu for tomorrow.  Put together a few snacks and make your lunch for the next day.  Enjoy the food that you prepare